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Welcome to the official website of Mark Pelley  'The Snake Hunter'. Here you can learn about Mark and his services provided for the local community. Mark Pelley is based in Diamond Creek and works throughout spring and summer as The Snake Hunter whereby he catches snakes for the local community as well as a Dog Training in 'Canine Snake Avoidance'.  All year round, Mark Pelley also operates a successful migration agency 'Visas To Australia' and does private Nursing & Personal Training work operating across different areas. Click on the links below to learn more.

Frequently appearing across different media from magazine articles, television interviews, newspapers, radio and more, both nationally and internationally, Mark Pelley is available for your media inquiries today. Call 0403875409 or to see some articles, click HERE.

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Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter is a 24/7 Emergency Snake Catcher based in Melbourne. If you see a snake, immediately call Mark on 0403 875 409. Click HERE to learn more.

Mark Pelley

Mark Pelley is an Australia registered migration agent. For professional advice or assistance with any type of Australian visa application, A.A.T hearing, Ministerial Intervention or more, click HERE.

Mark Pelley is the only person in Victoria trained and representative of Seth Pywell's (Founder of Canine Snake Avoidance) unique Dog Snake Avoidance Program. To learn more about how to protect your dog from snakes, click HERE

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Mark "Ice Man" Pelley exploded on the ice bath scene with his TikTok Channel MARK PELLEY LIVE IN THE ICE. Be sure to follow. In little over 2 months he's gained over 22,000 ice bath followers with many videos getting over 1 million views

Mark Pelley

Mark Pelley is a registered immunisation nurse who runs his own vaccine clinic called: "The Vaccine Nation". There, The Vaccine Nation provides immunisations to the general public to protect against infectious diseases. For more information, click HERE


Mark Pelley has a Masters Degree in Mental Health, Bachelor of Psychology & Management as well as a Bachelor of Nursing (Mental Health). He now conducts private mental health assessments for court or workplaces. For more information, call 0403875409


Bullies (especially online) are cowards that can be defeated by increasing one's own discipline, abilities, strength, personal power and confidence. Get in Touch to book in anti - bullying training today! Mark has had to experience the victimisation of bullying so taking major steps to turn his life around, he now helps victims at Trident Martial Art Academy.

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Mark Pelley

The Snake Hunter's Amazing Reptiles are available for shows, displays, exhibits, events and more. Bring your next party or festival to life with Mark Pelley's amazing snakes, lizards, turtles, crocodiles, frogs, dragons, monitors, geckos & more. To see what is on offer, click HERE.


Passionate about community safety, Mark Pelley runs both snake safety training individually tailored for your business or alternatively he can conduct property inspections to give specific advice on protecting sites from snakes. For more information, click HERE.


Mark Pelley is a passionate reptile enthusiast who loves to share his world in life with his 4 beautiful daughters that he raises as a sole parent. To learn more about Mark's educational background, work experience or how he can help you, call 0403875409 or click on the link HERE.

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