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Look at the below steps to consider if bitten by a snake. Remember that Australia has the most venomous snakes in the world. NEVER assume that you'll be "ok". Always dial "000" and follow their instructions. After you call "000", call Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter to attend and remove the snake on 0403875409.

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley

If you are bitten by a snake, immediately move away from it. Snakes can bite several times and moving away from a snake is the safest thing to do. Do NOT attempt to capture or kill the snake. This places you at greater risk. When in hospital, doctors can determine what type of snake bit you provided you follow these below instructions.

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley

It is essential to remain calm if bitten by a snake. Running around and any movement can promote the process of the venom affecting your system. Slow down your breathing and remain as still as possible. Only move when needed.

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley
DIAL "000"

After  you have moved away from the snake, dial "000" and follow their instructions exactly. You are at serious risk of severe injury of death. This is NOT a time to listen to old myths about what you heard someone say. This is a time to get exact medical advice from trained professionals. You WILL need to go to hospital.

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley

DON'T suck out the venom.

DON'T torniquet the wound.

DON'T run around or panic.

DON'T try to catch/kill the snake.

DON'T put others at risk. 

DON'T assume it is a dry bite.

DON'T ignore medical advice.

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley

After you have obtained professional medical advice from "000", next call Mark Pelley to attend and identify and catch the snake. This way I can help prevent others from being bitten and remove the dangerous snake from the house. As The Snake Hunter, I can also identify the snake too and advise the doctors of such. Call 0403 875 409

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley

A dry bite is where a snake bites you but no venom enters your system. This CAN occur however do NOT take any risks. If bitten, immediately seek medical treatment then call Mark Pelley to attend on 0403 875 409.

It is critical to apply a pressure bandage to the affected limb. Make sure you do this properly. For more information on how to do this, Click on Mark Pelley's page HERE or call 0403 875 409

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley

With all things in life, prevention is better than cure. If you want to learn how to prevent snake bites, click HERE or call Mark Pelley on 0403 875 409

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