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Mark Pelley "the Snake Hunter" is a 24/7 Emergency SNAKE CATCHER based in Diamond Creek in the North East of Melbourne. With the fastest response times, Mark Pelley attends your premises to safely locate, catch and remove the snake. It is then released back into the wild away from people and pets.


Mark Pelley also offers amazing REPTILE SHOWS, REPTILE DISPLAYS AND REPTILE PARTIES. We can come to your school, event, festival, corporate event or birthday and can bring: Lizards, Dragons, Pythons, Crocodiles, Frogs, Turtles, Shingle Backs, & More!. Hold the animals in a fun, interactive and hands on educational experience. Click on the links below to learn more or go to the Snake Hunter main page at

Mark Pelley

Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter is a 24/7 Emergency Snake Catcher based in Melbourne. If you see a snake, immediately call Mark on 0403 875 409. Click HERE to learn more.

Mark Pelley is the only person in Victoria trained and representative of Seth Pywell's (Founder of Canine Snake Avoidance) unique Dog Snake Avoidance Program. To learn more about how to protect your dog from snakes, click HERE

Mark Pelley

The Snake Hunter's Amazing Reptiles are available for shows, displays, exhibits, events and more. Bring your next party or festival to life with Mark Pelley's amazing snakes, lizards, turtles, crocodiles, frogs, dragons, monitors, geckos & more. To see what is on offer, click HERE.


Passionate about community safety, Mark Pelley runs both snake safety training individually tailored for your business or alternatively he can conduct property inspections to give specific advice on protecting sites from snakes. For more information, click HERE.

Mark Pelley

Snakes can easily enter the home through a variety of means. They are able to flatten out their bodies and squeeze into the tiniest of gaps. For more information about protecting your home or property from snakes, click on the link HERE or call 0403875409.

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Melbourne is home to some of the most venomous snakes in the world. All snakes found that are endemic to Melbourne are venomous. Do NOT under any circumstances try to pick up or handle a snake you find in Melbourne. For more information, click  HERE or call 0403875409.

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All Melbourne's snakes are venomous. If you are bitten by a snake, immediately call "000" and follow their medical advice. For some general information I have found on the treatment of snakebites, click  HERE or call 0403875409.

Frequently appearing across different media from magazine articles, television interviews, newspapers, radio and more, both nationally and internationally, Mark Pelley is available for your media inquiries today. Call 0403875409 or to see some articles, click HERE.

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