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Australia has the most venomous snakes in the entire planet. 7 of these snakes live right here in Melbourne. Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter catches these venomous snakes every day and removes them from people's homes, backyards, schools, businesses and on behalf of council or emergency services. Click below to learn more about Melbourne's Snakes. Remember if you see a snake, don't handle it yourself. Call The Snake Hunter on 0403 875 409 to attend and work as a snake catcher, snake handler and do snake removal and snake relocation.

Eastern Tiger snakes are ranked the 5th most venomous snake in the world. They are the most common snake found in Melbourne. Tiger snake venom contains powerful neurotoxins, blood coagulants, haemolysins, myotoxins, with symptoms acting simultaneously on the body. For more information go to our page HERE.

Eastern Brown Snakes are also extremely common in Melbourne. They are the 2nd most venomous snake on the planet and their venom acts very quickly. Brown snakes are responsible for more snake bites, and snake bite deaths than all the other snakes of Australia. To learn more, click HERE.

Lowland Copperhead Snakes are not very well known but are still quite common in different areas of Melbourne. With significant variations in size and colour they sometimes can be mistaken for other snakes. Deadly if bitten by one, to learn more about copperhead snakes, click HERE.

Red Bellied Black Snakes are easily identifiable and well known in Australia. These shy snakes are found sporadically across Melbourne and seem to love areas where there is water. To learn more about these beautiful Melbourne snakes, click the link for our external website HERE.

Less frequently known, the little whip snake has a tendency to "whip" around if caught and as its name suggests, is very small. Though tiny and cute, these snakes are still considered venomous. Click HERE to learn more.

Small Eyed Snakes, as the name suggests have a small eye and are themselves quite small in comparison to the size some Australian snakes can grow. Lesser known of Melbourne snakes, they sometimes appear in peoples homes. To learn about these snakes, click HERE.

White Lipped Snakes are probably the least known Melbourne snake. While still venomous, they are not frequently encountered by people. Very small in size, these snakes These snakes have small fangs and small venom glands however any bite should still be treated as life threatening. For more information, click HERE.

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If you see a snake, do NOT handle it yourself. Watch it from a safe distance and keep others away from the area. For fast, 24/7 snake catching, call an experienced snake Handler. Call Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter on 0403875409.

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