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With a background in personal training, health science (nursing), psychology and mental health, Mark "The Ice Man" Pelley has created the channel: "Live in the Ice" on TikTok with education about the benefits of cold therapy for mental, physical and emotional health. Check out Mark's TikTok channel here at: MARK.PELLEY_ICEMAN.

LIVE IN THE ICE is Mark Pelley's health and fitness Tiktok Channel and YouTube Channel where you can learn about the benefits of cold therapy.


Ice baths have multiple health benefits for the body: Improving digestion, immunity, skin, weight loss, cardiovascular health, muscle injuries/sports recovery and more. Check out and subscribe to our YouTube Channel


If you can control your mind & body in extreme conditions, then situations which previously caused you stress no longer do so because you have learned control. Follows us by clicking on the links for:

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In addition to being having the "LIVE IN THE ICE" channel TIKTOK, Mark Pelley has just started his own Youtube Channel on Ice bathing. Be sure to subscribe.

Clear ice on the lake
ice bath 2.jpg

Mark "Ice Man" Pelley exploded on the ice bath scene with his TikTok Channel MARK PELLEY LIVE IN THE ICE. Be sure to follow. In little over 3 months he's gained over 26,000 ice bath followers with many videos getting over 1 million views

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