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It is with the highest recommendation that Mark Pelley - The Snake Hunter advises all dog owners to teach their dogs to avoid venomous snakes. Snake bites can occur in as little as a few seconds after a dog discovers a snake on your property. The cost of treatment typically ranges between $4000 - $7000 and there is no guarantee of survival. Dogs suffer incredibly from venomous snake bites and their suffering is something no dog or owner should witness. To prevent dogs being bitten by snakes, book in the Snake Hunter Canine Snake Avoidance Training now!

Canine snake avoidance
Canine Snake Avoidance

The Snake Hunter offers advanced training to teach dogs to stay away from snakes. This training has been directly learned from Seth Pywell Australia's leading trainer to teach dogs to stay away from snakes.


Such training is now on offer for all dogs in Victoria. To book in your dog for training, Click HERE or call 0403 875 409

Canine snake avoidance
Protect Your Dog

Our method of training has been established as the most 'reliable' form of teaching dogs to avoid snakes. Reliability comes when your dog knows that it has to avoid snakes, and further more that it wants to whether or not you are there. Our training method is safe, responsible and the most up to date in the industry.

You can have confidence to know that your dog is in safe and competent hands to learn to avoid snakes in the best manner. All learning is done in a controlled environment with proper trained staff and under supervision

Canine snake avoidance
Relevant Laws

There are many laws which pertain to the use of e-collars on dogs. A summary of these laws can be found HERE which includes discussions around:

Prevention of Cruelty to animals Regulations 2008.

The Code of Practice for Training Dogs with E-Collars

Reporting agencies.

Click HERE to learn more or call 0403 875 409

Canine snake avoidance
Snake Avoidance in Media

Mark Pelley frequently appears in the media for his work relating to canine snake avoidance. For a total list of media appearances, click HERE to see the articles.

Mark Pelley has featured in many magazines about teaching dogs to avoid snakes including: Woofmag, Australian Dog Lovers Magazine, Australian Deer Magazine, and more!

Canine snake avoidance
How It Works

Mark Pelley uses only the most proven techniques in dog training specific to canine snake avoidance. Dogs are taught to avoid snakes through both operant and classical conditioning to respectively develop both a learned understanding to avoid snakes as well as negative associations with them. To better understand how your dog learns to stay away from snakes, click HERE or call 0403875409.

Canine snake avoidance
We come to you

The Snake Hunter's canine snake avoidance training can be offered 1:1, in pairs or small groups of up to 6 dogs at a time. If you reside in suburban Melbourne, we can come to you. That way your dog can train in an environment familiar to them (the backyard and home). To book in training, click HERE or call 0403 875 409

Canine snake avoidance
Pet Insurance

Mark Pelley recommends to get pet insurance for your dog. The cost of pet insurance when weighed against the thousands necessary to save your dog's life after a snake bite make the investment worth it. When considering pet insurance, be sure to consider what are the 'sub limits' for snake bites. 

Canine snake avoidance
About Mark Pelley

Mark Pelley - The Snake Hunter was originally trained in canine snake avoidance by its founder in Australia - Seth Pywell. Mark travelled to Perth to meet and work with Seth in 2017. Since then, the two regularly consult about canine snake avoidance. Mark is the only person in Victoria who is properly trained by Seth in Canine Snake Avoidance Training.

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