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If you see a snake, there is no need to panic. Simply follow the below instructions to keep safe. Further below is advice on how to keep your property safer so that you can more readily identify a snake. Remember, do NOT attempt to handle the snake yourself. Call The Snake Hunter on 0403 875 409 for a safe, licensed and professional snake catcher, snake handler based in Melbourne. If you wish to enroll in a snake safety course, click HERE.

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley

The safest way to keep protect yourself from a snake is to avoid touching or provoking them. Studies have shown that snakes usually only bite if provoked or harmed. In other words, if you leave them alone they'll leave you alone. Leave snake handling to the Snake Hunter.

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley

Killing snakes not only puts you at significant risk, it is also illegal.  Snakes, though deadly, are shy by nature. Attempting to kill the snake forces it to act to defend itself. If you don't try to kill a snake, you don't risk it potentially killing you.

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley

I'm frequently asked if cleaning up your property can help you prevent snakes. This is NOT true but in fact a myth. Cleaning up your property can help you SEE if a snake is on site. Having a messy, overgrown yard just makes it difficult to spot snakes. That said, it is better to clean up and see them then get a surprise.

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley

Snake repellents are a total myth and do not work. If there was a product that could keep highly venomous snakes off your property, I would sell it and be a multi millionaire and not put my life at risk every day. Unfortunately, such a product does not exist yet including electronic repellents that go into the ground. These products are false.

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley

If you want to be extra sure about keeping your property safe from snakes, attend one of the Snake Hunter's Snake Safety Course. These courses are customised for you, your family or organisation to better make you all aware of snakes and how to keep safe. To find out more click HERE or call 0403875409.

Snake Catcher Melbourne Mark Pelley

As stated, if you see a snake: Keep all persons away from the snake. Call The Snake Hunter on 0403875409 and follow my instructions. Keep a watch on the snake until I arrive. Do NOT touch the snake in any way.

If you're bitten by a snake, immediately move away from it and keep others safe. Following, immediately dial '000' and follow their instructions. Also call The Snake Hunter to attend to remove the snake on 0403875409. For more information about what to do if you're bitten by a snake, click HERE.

Snakes are very shy creatures by nature that just want to be left alone. They never 'chase' or go out of their way to harm people. They may act defensively or do a mock strike, but this is to scare you away. If you understand this about snakes, you will appreciate them better to give snakes the space they need to move on. Protect yourself from snakes by staying away and leaving them alone. If you have any questions, call Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter on 0403875409

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