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Mark Pelley is a registered immunisation nurse. He graduated nursing in 2005 and has worked in the industry since. Due to the pressures on the health system as a result of COVID-19, Mark studied immunisation nursing in South Australia and founded "The Vaccine Nation" - Nurse Immunisation Clinic based in Diamond Creek, Victoria.

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In 2022, The Vaccine Nation was founded to address the Code Red situations faced in Victoria (No ambulances) and crushing pressure on the health system and health care workers. Mark wanted to help be part of addressing the issues facing Victorians by founding THE VACCINE NATION.

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Mark Pelley has the following relevant qualifications:

1. Bachelor of Nursing (Victoria University) 2005

2. Masters Mental Health Nursing (University of Queensland) 2014

3. Understanding Vaccines and the National Immunisation Program (HESA accredited) - South Australia Health, 2022.

4. COVID Vaccination Training: Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazenica - Dept. of Health, 2022

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The Vaccine Nation has a Health Services Permit No. 29211934 issued by the Department of Health Victoria on 15 March 2022. This means we are an approved health care organisation to provide and hold vaccines and related medications for nurses.

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Mark worked in in & outpatient clinics as well as in community, forensic, private and triage settings throughout his nursing career, particularly in mental health. Mark formerly was an officer and auditor at the Dept. of Health Victoria educating and investigating doctors and pharmacists to ensure compliance with relevant laws for the management of drugs of dependence and other poisons.

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