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Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter brings the most amazing reptile shows to your next birthday party, corporate event, festival or school. Our hands on interactive displays can include: On stage presentations, Holding the reptiles, Display tanks, and more! Shows are fun, interactive, educational and highly recommended. Our standard reptile shows include: Frogs, Crocodiles, Lizards, Snakes, Pythons, Lizards, Dragons, Shinglebacks and more! Venomous snakes available on request (however these can't be held by the public).

Bring your kids party to life by bringing the most amazing reptiles for everyone to engage with in a fun, interactive, educational and hands on experience. Ensure your party is a huge success with our amazing kids reptile parties!


Each Reptile  Display Party is designed unique to fit your child's needs. Your child will be the centre of attention and will get to hold all of the animals we bring and have amazing photos taken. Smiles are always a plenty at the Snake Hunter's Reptile Display & Show where guests will get to hold and learn about Australia's amazing reptiles.


Give us a call on 0403 875 409 to tailor which animals you want to meet and what reptile party package suits your child! Click HERE.

Whether you have a school holiday program or otherwise can't come to us, The Snake Hunter can come to you! If you want a reptile incursion, call 0403 875 409 or Click HERE.

Snake Safety and Awareness should be learned by all people of all ages regardless of where you work or where you live in Australia.

Our Snake Safety Awareness Courses are specifically designed and tailored to your unique needs.

The Snake Hunter has been providing venomous snake safety awareness sessions for a range of private, public and government organisations for years with amazing positive feedback.

We have customised snake safety training for CFA, Victoria Police, local organisations and so much more. Give The Snake Hunter a call to discuss your business, situation or individual needs to see how we can tailor a course specific to you. Click HERE to learn more

With everything from stage shows, displays and roving animals that people can touch and hold, our reptiles are a must for any corporate event that you want to make memorable.

Creating and building team dynamics is essential for any organisation. Why not make it fun too! Our customised team building seminars use Australia's most beautiful reptiles to: Enhance trust, develop relationsips, strengthen bonds between team members, overcome fears, boost confidence, create synergy and enhance team work.

Create the best team meeting ever with The Snake Hunter

Bring your next corporate event to life with reptiles. Call The Snake Hunter now to organise a display or talk on 0403 875 409.

Click HERE.

Our interactive and educational primary school shows are educational and entertaining! Learn about the wonderful and weird characteristics of native reptiles and amphibians in a hands on reptile show.

Students and teachers alike are fascinated by these amazing reptile shows where you can learn about how reptiles, eat, hide, live, and more!

The Snake Hunter aims to captivate students with an interactive show that impress to develop a greater interest in the environment and conservation.

Discussions give everyone the opportunity to touch, handle and better understand animals.

Click HERE to learn more.

Whether you have a Christmas party or other festival, fate or event,  reptiles are an amazing way to attract large crowds.

Our reptile shows are customised to your specific needs whether you want to hold animals, have reptile displays or bring animals to see. Call The Snake Hunter to organise a show today on 0403 875 409 or

Click HERE.

Want to learn about Australian snakes? We can tailor shows for individuals or small groups so you can see as many snakes as you like. For more information, call 0403 875 409 or Click HERE.

Learn about Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter. 24/7 Emergency venomous snake catcher, and father of 5. To learn more, Click HERE

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