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Teach yourself, your family and your business staff how to keep safe from Melbourne's venomous snakes. Our highly recommended snake safety courses have been used by Victoria Police, CFA, businesses and families. If you want to learn about how to protect your home and family, give the Snake Hunter Mark Pelley a call on 0403 875 409.

The Snake Hunter also provides property inspections. If you want a property inspection to check that there are no snakes on your property, give Mark Pelley a call on 0403 875 409.

If you have a business that may encounter snakes as part of your job, then book in a snake safety course to teach your staff about how to keep safe from snakes as part of the job. The last thing you want as an employer is a staff member attempting to handle a snake themselves and getting injured or killed on the job. Book in now on 0403 875 409. Or click HERE

Your family is the most important thing in the world to you. Whether you want your children to learn what to do if you see a snake or as parents you want to learn how to effectively treat a snake bite or manage everyone if a snake enters the home, call Mark Pelley to book in a course on 0403 875 409 or click HERE.

Mark Pelley has been used by Victoria Police, CFA and other emergency services to learn how to deal with snakes as part of the job. Keep emergency services staff alive so they can keep the community safe by booking in a Snake Safety Course with the Snake Hunter on 0403 875 409 or click HERE

Our Snake Safety Awareness Courses are custom designed for your specific needs. As part of our course creation process, we will ask many questions about the nature of your work and locations to make the most suitable and unique program for your needs. Call Mark Pelley now on 0403 875 409. Alternatively, click HERE

Just moved into a new property or want to check there are no snakes there? Call in Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter to attend. We'll examine the premises and give specific advice on how to keep the property safer from snakes. To Find out more, click HERE.

Melbourne's deadly snakes include the: Tiger Snake, Eastern Brown, Lowland copperhead, Red Bellied Black Snake, Small Eyed Snake, Little Whip Snake, & White Lipped Snake. To learn more about Melbourne's venomous snakes, click HERE.

If you're bitten by a snake, immediately move away from it and keep others safe. Following, immediately dial '000' and follow their instructions. For more information about what to do if you're bitten by a snake, click HERE.

Mark Pelley frequently appears in the media for catching snakes or strange creatures in strange places. Having saved local lives, Mark also likes to educate the community to prevent snake bite deaths so is also regularly consulted by different media. Click HERE to learn more.

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