MARK PELLEY 24/7 Snake Catcher

Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter

In late 2016, Mark Pelley became known as "the Snake Hunter" and started to properly use social media. The Snake Hunter also quickly became very popular in the media and local community. Mark Pelley became known for saving people from venomous snakes, rescuing a father and son from a snake bite, his "where is the snake" competitions, and removing a crocodile from the streets of Heidelberg in Melbourne.

Mark is regularly consulted by media, government, businesses and individuals about venomous snakes, how to keep safe from snakes, and protecting dogs from snakes. He has appeared in almost 100 different articles on these topics and continues to be highly sought after.

To learn more about Mark Pelley in the media, click on this link HERE.

Mark Pelley

MARK PELLEY Experience & Background

Mark Pelley - Life before Snakes

Mark Pelley was born to immigrant parents. His father was from the U.K and his mother born in Taiwan. Mark has travelled extensively overseas. He was raised and educated in Melbourne and previously worked in a range of different jobs including: Private security, government, mental health, health, triage, management and migration law. Mark's educational background includes:

  • Bachelor of Psychology and Management,

  • Bachelor of Nursing (Mental Health),

  • Masters in Mental health,

  • Grad. Cert. Migration law.

  • Cert IV Government (Investigations)

  • Cert III Investigations

  • Cert IV Personal Training

  • Cert III Information Technology.

Mark Pelley


Mark Pelley - Family Man

Mark Pelley became a venomous snake catcher in 2012. He did this after becoming a single father at the time, raising and taking care of his young daughters by himself. Mark's oldest daughter was 12 at the time and his youngest was 1. Starting from nothing, he got a squeegie mop and a tub and started catching venomous snakes to provide for his young family that depended on him.

In 2012, Mark Pelley won father of the year for Nillumbik in raising his  children by himself. Skip forward 9 years and Mark's children are doing the following:

Jessie is now 21, working full time and studying psychology after finishing her legal studies.

Aishah is 18, working full time as a contractor and studying pathology with the goal to becoming a toxicologist.

Aeve is 14 and home schooling and Ellie is now 11 and loves her primary school.