Call 0403 875 409 for the fastest snake removal in Hurstbridge. The Snake Hunter is a 24/7 Emergency Snake Catcher, Snake Handler, Snake controller in Hurstbridge who provides safe, legal and efficient snake removal. Snake on your property? We have provided snake removal and relocation in Hurstbridge area as a snake catcher since 2012. We are fully licensed with the Victorian government to operate as a snake catcher in Hurstbridge and surrounding areas.

Snake Removal Hurstbridge

Operating 24/7, Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter is your local Hurstbridge Snake Catcher. If you see a snake there is no need to worry. Simply watch it from a safe distance, remove children and pets away from the area, and call Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter on 0403 875 409.

Snake Removal Hurstbridge

Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter is a professional Snake Handler in Hurstbridge who is experienced, trained, professional, and fully insured.   If you see a snake, call an experienced snake handler. Call The Snake Hunter on 0403 875 409

When you see a snake, you need Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter, an expert in snake control in Hurstbridge. All venomous and non venomous snakes that are your your property need to be immediately controlled, contained and removed. The Snake Hunter will come to your property and protect you from snakes. Call Mark Pelley on 0403875409.

Snake Removal Hurstbridge

Expert snake removal for all snakes found on your property. All snakes are treated with care, compassion an dignity. We will attend on site, safely and humanely remove the snake to be relocated to a safer location away from people and pets. We offer fast 24/7 Snake Removal services. For rapid snake removal in Hurstbridge, call Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter on 0403875409.

Snake Removal Hurstbridge

Snake relocation occurs when they are taken from a person's home, school or business and to a site more suitable for snakes. All snakes caught will be safely and humanely relocated back to the wild and placed back into their natural environment. For Emergency snake removal in Hurstbridge call Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter on  0403 875 409.

Snake Removal Hurstbridge

The Snake Hunter is always on patrol ready to answer your call to catch a snake. How do we do it? Our dedicated team is ready to take immediate  action if you see a snake. We are 24/7 service and when traffic is busy, The Snake Hunter instead uses a motorbike to overtake stationary traffic and attend your property ASAP. For the fastest snake catcher in Hurstbridge Call 0403875409

If you're bitten by a snake, immediately move away from it and keep others safe. Following, immediately dial '000' and follow their instructions. For more information about what to do if you're bitten by a snake, click HERE.

If you see a snake in your property, or want to learn to protect yourself and home from snakes, click HERE to learn more. The Snake Hunter has extensive experience as a snake catcher, snake handler and providing snake removals in Hurstbridge. For advice call 0403 875 409

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